To compare Tokyo and Beijing is like comparing light blue and dark red… It’s really hard. I thought that the architecture in Asia would be similar but damn I was wrong. My first idea when I got to Beijing was that it really reminded me of the million project in Stockholm’s suburbs.

One interesting thing about the modern houses in Beijing is that almost all has a very flat facade, not even the windows are possible to distinguish. That is probably a reaction from the “old” architecture that’s everywhere here, with the AC system outside, which is fugly!

I did ofcourse see the forbidden city but found it in a architectural point of view pretty boring,it’s cool though to see it from above!

You know when you sometimes has hard to differ asian people? That was the feeling I got about the architecture when I first got to Tokyo. I could see differences but also that the style of most houses (in Ikebukuro) was simular. Alot of plastic tile, big neon signs and stairs outside the facade.
I thought about this for a while and believe now that when you are not familiar with a style you have problem to decide what you like. I easily can say back home which houses I like but in Tokyo I first felt pretty lost. Maybe you have to recognize something to feel the beauty in it?
This feeling left me anyways after a while and I saw so many great buildings! I love this kind of architectural chaos there is in some parts of Tokyo, those parts was the ones I love the most. But it’s really hard to find one nice house because most of them are hard to seperate from eachother, they have grown apart!
The parts I took most photos of is (very) well organized parts, I’m amazed how skilled the landscape architectures in Tokyo have to be to make this giant of city function this perfect… Well done!
What is your favorite building in Tokyo?

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