Isn’t this great? It’s an attempt to make a more sophisticated gas station I heard. They have taken the raw materials that often are in a gas station like iron and concrete but then they have put it over water, great! Iron is a nice material, it blocks the view but also make it see trough, like burlesk underwear!


On this raw-dirt concrete building you can find an entrance with this sensual shape. That this is an art gallery brings it down to earth a little bit!

Isn’t it faboulous when there is architecture without function? Maybe it’s then it becomes art? If this golden thing isn’t an antenna then I can’t figure out any use of it. Can you see how it looks like is is flying in the motorways direction? I also like the golden building next to it, is it the glass or some plastic color that makes it so shiny? It’s probably good for blocking the sun to!

I’m so in love with this building! I really can’t understand how it is standing up or how it is constructed. But the upper part is probably hollow so it seems heavier then it is. This is definitely the coolest gallery/ museum I’ve seen on this trip!

This is Tokyo national museum and sensational. It’s shape is probably inspired from the ocean and reminds me of a fragile and dead coral. Can you imagine how cool it would be if the whole ceiling had this ocean shape?


Does anyone know what kind of material this is? I cant understand where the gray/white color come from and give this great contrast to the brickcolor. This is a consertarea complex and I think it’s greatly beautiful!

I like the idea of building in levels (not necessary depending on each other) like they have done here. To get away from the thought that a house has to be a big (square) lump widen your perspective!


Soo, the tallest building in the world, here it is! Kind of good looking also. It’s very hard to tell that it relly is the tallest, almost impossible from the ground. the only that indicate this is that it almost wouldn’t fit in my camera! But I figure I have to trust the press. Maybe it would have been easier if I could go up in the building. But this week ‘the worlds fastest elevator’ was broken and I really would mind taking the stairs!

You have seen it before but the Louvre pyramid is just so cool! An modern contrast to the classical architecture around it. Even though I also have visit it before I thought it was really exciting to see it from close. It feels like this huge diamond has digging its way through this artistic lower world and pierced the crust of the earth!

These stairs in Grand Palais in Paris is really a piece of art. Well the whole composition is extremely exciting with all those huge doorways, especially the central one under the balcony, where does it lead? Also the colour combination in this building is superb!